IHQ Inspection Hébergement Québec


Under the Tourist Accommodation Establishments Act anyone who offers accommodation
for rent to tourists without holding a classification certificate COMMITS AN OFFENCE

Our mandate


The Minister of Tourism has given us the mandate to carry out an inspection program to enforce the Act and Regulation respecting tourist accommodation establishments for the “hotel establishments,” “tourist homes,” “bed & breakfast establishments,” “resorts,” “youth hostels,” “educational institutions” and “other accommodation establishments” classes.

Our Duties
• identifying illegally operated establishments;
• following up on reports of illegally operated establishments;
• conducting the required validations to determine whether establishments identified or reported are legally operated;
• issuing notices of offence;
• forwarding these cases to investigators at the Ministère du Tourisme for follow-up by the Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales.


Under the inspection mandate assigned us by Tourisme Québec, we are committed to acting transparently. The following tables list the actions taken and results obtained since July 1, 2016, when the agreement was signed with the Ministère.


399 notices of offence have been issued to date1
     7 are pending processing
66 cases have been forwarded to Ministère du Tourisme investigators to be sent to the DPCP2

1 Individuals issued with a notice of offence have 10 days to contact the CITQ or withdraw their rental offer.

2 Director of criminal and penal prosecutions.

Of the 1439 reports received and 317 identifications by Inspection Hébergement Québec (IHQ) between July 1, 2016 and April 18, 2018:
396 obtained a certificate
71  are in the process of opening a file
871 were rejected:
           withdrew their offer to rent (236)
           not applicable (116)
           cases could not be processed (519)3
352 are being processed

3 Could not be processed because:
• the offer to rent could not be found in the media or on advertising platforms;
• incomplete or mistaken report form submitted anonymously.


Act and Regulation respecting tourist accommodation establishments

Guide to interpreting the Act and Regulation

This notice slipped into the mailboxes of establishments offering tourist accommodation for rent informs operators of their obligations.


E-mail : info@ihquebec.com

IHQ Inspection Hébergement Québec

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